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Microsoft plans to cut 18,000 jobs

Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft and successor of Steve Balimer have just announced the largest round of cutbacks in Microsoft history. Satya says they will be cutting 18,000 positions in the next year. This also comes not too long after Microsofts acquisition of Nokia. It's said layoffs will be mainly focused on their mobile division, and cutbacks starting with 12,500 of former Nokia employees.

Apple: Gearing up for something exciting

Apple has been assembling an expert all-star team specializing in health and fitness sensors. Causing rumors and anticipations to fly high with good reason. It seems Apple could be ramping up to disrupt yet another market. With visionary leaders in their individual fields of wearable, heath and fitness sensors, Apple will pioneer a new course of innovation.

Headline: Government reached a deal with tech companies

The Justice Department announced the deal Monday with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Facebook Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. Other companies are expected to participate once it's approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Companies wanted to make the disclosures to alleviate public speculation about their cooperation with the government. The government opposed the companies' request, saying it could interfere with national security investigations.

Install: Ubuntu, Node.js, Git and Ghost

Their seems to be a bit of confusion amongst the Ghost community on how to install Ghosts first weekly update. I am not a developer or part of the Ghost team however I have backed Ghost as a VIP. I figured I could shed some light on how to go about this install. This walk through is intend for other Ghost VIP or higher backers. I will walk through the installation of a Ubuntu server 13.04 server as well as Node.js and Ghost and other recommended and suggested packages.