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8 Things you Must Know about IOS8

iOS 8's new "Hey Siri" offers a voice activated prompt. If you're driving and your iPhone is connected to a power source, or if your iPad is charging across the room, you can shout out "Hey Siri, set a timer for 3 minutes" and Siri will do exactly that. A few minutes later, your device will beep and you'll know to take the eggs off the stove.

iOS8: App compatibility list

Many developers will be making the rush to Yosimitie and iOS 8. But please we don’t advocate upgrading on production devices they and not ready for prime time. We are aware of the fact that some developers just don’t have access to multiple devices. So we want to help out as best as we can in choosing the right time to upgrade, by supplying information as to what apps are currently working and which just need more time. 

Apple: Gearing up for something exciting

Apple has been assembling an expert all-star team specializing in health and fitness sensors. Causing rumors and anticipations to fly high with good reason. It seems Apple could be ramping up to disrupt yet another market. With visionary leaders in their individual fields of wearable, heath and fitness sensors, Apple will pioneer a new course of innovation.