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to empower lives with knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies and provide the tools and confidence required to take back control. We believe technology should enrich our lives. We are here to guide you through the latest tech news while deciphering the maze of technical terminology making it easier to grasp. Knowledge comes in many forms and we love providing our community with Tips & Tricks. Tutorials, product reviews, security alerts and DIY projects. 

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Thomas Fraley, Editor-in-Chief


Thomas Fraley is Editor-in-Chief of LifewithTech, a tech enthusiast whose main focus is making technology easy again for everyone. With over a decade as a director of information technology in the entertainment industry in the heart of Hollywood. He splits his time giving back by helping young startups off on the right foot.

“There is no greater success than turning your true passion into a dream, and seeing its reality come to manifestation.” 

In his off time, he loves nothing better than to geek out with his two boys. When there is a spark of interest for a technology you take their hand and enter a doorway to another world. It's exciting to see where their fire and passions lead you. Currently their building and exploring what makes drones work.

    AS Computer network system technology
    BS Technical project management


Guest Writers

Daniel Freedom Portis,


A web developer by day and a graphic designer by night. Using a variety of online resources, Daniel became an expert in photoshop and is now earning a living from it! These days he uploads his own videos to YouTube to help others learn. 



I generally enjoy writing stories on relevant bands, interviewing up and coming artists, and whenever possible new gadgets for the musically inclined.  I enjoy Rock, Heavy Metal, EDM and on a occasion a little Country as well. I hope my posts are enlightening and sometimes fun. I love to go to concerts and meet the different people.


This author is designated for anyone who would want to write with some anonymity. However, all facts and sources will be checked and re checked by our team before publishing

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