Be part of the Evolution

Be part of the Evolution

Understanding breeds confidence and lends to empowerment.

Technology should feel magical while improving your life. However, technology has been evolving faster than ever causing gadgets that should make our days more efficient just that much more frustrating.

Emerging out of necessity to restore balance to technology, LifewithTech was born. With a mission to empower lives with not just the tools, but the knowledge and understanding making these emerging technologies work for you and not against you.

Let us help you stay up to date and decipher relevant tech news. As well as, educating you in the technical terminology maze along with providing product reviews and diy projects to empower anyone.

LifewithTech has helped numerous lives over the past five years as a hobby. We have never asked for money nor backed any products because of it. Which is entirely backed and supported by Thomas Fraley, who has coded, designed, videotaping, photographed, edited, financed and written all articles with the exception of a handful of guest writers (always looking for more writer, Contact here).

Let me start by saying this is a passion of mine and in no way will I stop what we are doing here. However, LifewithTech has come to a hurtle and could use some help over this hump. With a full-time job and limited time and funds for an evolving venture that was meant as a hobby has made it difficult to get LifewithTech to the next level of production.

Our gear while working well is bumped and bruised and the technology themselves, they possess may soon not produce the quality of production to live up to our standards. Time is money and new gear will also limit the amount of time needed for things like encoding video.

I would be happy when LifewithTech can be financially self sufficient and even more so when we have extra funds to broaden our reach and offer more. We would like to do more regular DIY projects and giveaways and this would help in a big way. Having a regular podcast is another thing we had on our heart for a long time and provide another way to provide help.

If you decide to join us on this venture, you be helping us to help the many as well as being apart of LifewithTech’s growth and direction. Our community shapes our direction and Patreon members will be a big part of this by voicing their options in discussions and regular Google hangouts.

I believe all exceptional business starts with transparency. So I would like to start this endeavor with my own pledge to our patrons. “I Thomas Fraley Pledge to keep a form of transparency in our financial and a clear direction of our goals with our patrons”

Milestones / Goals

  1. We'll do it all again next month
    • We'll keep chugging along and fighting the good fight
  2. Special Video for you
    • Thanks so much for getting us launched! Our Patrons will receive a special thank you video.
  3. Studio Expenses
    • We will be able to cover our minimum expenses, including utilities, equipment, and time. We'll throw a celebration hang out with our Patrons!
  4. Monthly Giveaways
    • We will start offering regular monthly giveaways of our top gadgets and services.
  5. Video Podcasts
    • We have wanted for some time to offer a regular scheduled video podcast. With the help of you all in reaching this milestone will have made it a reality.
  6. Leveling Up
    • We'll be able to upgrade the tech we use to the latest standards. 
      Like new 4k streams and pay for more hardware how-to's, interviews, and out-of-studio segments.
  7. Ad Free!
    • You heard right. Lifewithtech will be ad free at this point!


Become a Patreon and pledge a buck or two or ten.
Help us help others
By reaching new milestones.

Manage your kids internet and help them get to bed on time

Manage your kids internet and help them get to bed on time

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Fantastic Four: Watch the First teaser trailer