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Divinity: Original Sin 2, The way a MacOS game should be done.

Fast forward a year to The Who would think have thought that Apple Metal Engineering team would publicly be working with a developer like Elveris to bring a game to the MacOS ecosystem with all the features that make it great.

Everyone always talks about, but until now games on MacOS have fallen short and were out in the cold. Hopefully, this is a new era where gamers will feel the warmth and at home in the ecosystem.

FirstLook: Sensei Wireless gaming mouse

Steelseries is a cross platform peripheral company built by gamers for gamers. They claim to have solved wireless lag and dying batteries with their Sensei Wireless gaming mouse. With an accuracy of 1ms polling rate with readings of 150 inches per second and over 8200 CPI and a new style of charging dock keep you topped off and ready for your next gaming session. Does Steelseries meet these claims? Find out inside