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VPN Protocols: Introduction and Security

Protecting your personal information is not the only concern one should have. Their are many other threats out their like viruses, malwares, trojans, spam etc, which will infiltrate your computer system if you are not careful. There are also dishonest people who hack and phish your information when your online. Protecting your online identity is so important that it becomes a job of its own.

Crontab Monitor On-Off setup

I decided to make use of the display i have mounted with my VMserver. I have set up a photo screen saver to rotate images, However i did not want it to run all day and all night i wanted it to have a schedule of when to come on and off. Let me start by pointing out some hiccup's i found in doing this.

Kazam – Installation

Kazam Is a Screencasting tool which just released version 0.1 for linux, Which supports features such as screen and audio capture and export to YouTube and Videobin. Very slick and user freindly seeing that it is new i think we can expect to see more from the developers.