Review: POWIS - iPad case

Review: POWIS - iPad case

  • Product: Ipad Case
  • Company: Powis
  • Model: IPHRBB (iPad)
  • Color: Red Leather
  • Price: $59.95
  • Link:

Prowiscase claims.

  1. Sturdy designer stand offers 9 viewing positions
  2. Protection that maintains the sleek weight and size of your iPad
  3. Fiber content of our handcrafted Spanish leather is 100% recycled cowhide fibers
  4. Easy device access
  5. Wipe cloth with secret storage
  6. Movable hand strap for secure closure and carry

Received case on saturday for review from Leeschill over at


The case packaging is very well put together and does note that the box is recyclable (good for the environment)

Initial observations

  • Red Leather feels more like painted thick cardboard to me.
  • The construction all in all seems like is put together straight and tight. However there is a sight bow in the cover. (this could be due to mail main having packaging laying on top of it)
  • Back hinge i must say was one of the things i was most worried about with the product. However the plastic parts are a lot thicker and harder than I thought as well as the springs
  • Microfiber holder seems to come out easy but upon looking closer it seem it needed the iPad in place to add friction to it.
  • rubberized edges

iPad Installation

The iPad installation instructions were fairly straight forward, you place the right side in first then press the left side down.

It took a bit of force to push the iPad down but it did snap in fine. however when it did snap in my iPad did turn on.

Inspection of iPad installation

  • The cutout for the controls are cut perfectly, all controls  can be accessible when case is opened or closed
  • When closing the case I noticed the inside cover (hard rubber) is touching the iPad. It seems the frame of the case is flush with the iPad, I would much rather the frame be a bit higher than the iPad itself to avoid this.
  • Microfiber compartment is hard to get to. My fingers do not fit under the iPad to pull it out.

Reviewing positions:

Powis claims there are 9 positions however some of the positions seems redundant to me.

position comments corresponds with viewing positions card 1-9

  1. This position feels wobbly with a little pressure at the left top of the iPad will fall
  2. This position feels wobbly with a little pressure at the right top of the iPad will fall
  3. Works as expected
  4. It seems using this position over time could wear or at least creat a dent in the cover
  5. Works as expected, however with your hand on top of the cover if you slide the case back by accident the hinges in the back will close
  6. Works as expected, nice low angle
  7. Works as expected
  8. Works as expected. I feel this is the most steady of the position.
  9. Same as 8 with cover closed, I would not call this another position

iPad Removal: Removing iPad after 48hrs of review

iPad removal is easy you push down on the left two corners of the case frame and pull iPad up. Looking over the iPad there seemed to be no visible scratches or marks due to the case.

48hr review conclusion.

Prowis has set out to create an iPad case that jams a lot of features into one case. Yes I admit there are some things I would like improved upon. Keep in mind though Powis is about creativity you are able to design your own case which is what makes the product cool. I would have liked the chance to review a difference type of leather that would have given this case more character this one seems a bit plain. Construction of this case is well put together and with many customization options on their site this is a tough thing. The 9 positions they claim is only true if you consider closed covers another portion also not all positions feel solid and stable. For people with big hands the microfiber compartment maybe harder to get to.The installation and removal of the iPad was tight almost feeling to tight however it did not produce any scratches or marks. All control cutouts perfectly matched up. As for the price for a plain jane Red Leather as the one I received I think $59.95 + $5.18 Tax and $8.38 shipping totaling $74.18 is kinda pricy for this case maybe if it was for one of the other leathers but for this one I cant see spending more than 50 bucks for it

Photos: sorry about the photos bad weather not enought light

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