Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

  • Company: Saddleback leather
  • Model: Briefcase Thin
  • Color: Carbon Black
  • Size: Medium: 15" x 11.5" x 4.25"
  • Price: $411
  • Warranty: 100 years
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • OverAll Rating: 5/5

First impressions: 

I love that new leather smell. The bag's leather is pretty thick, stitching looks good and strong, Bag does feel a bit heavy but not overly so for the quality.


This bag is made to last no question about that. With no breakable parts and its 100% thick full grain boot leather this bag can really hold it's own. They slogan is they will fight over it when you dead. With its 100 year warrantee construction has to be good.


There is plenty of room in the Medium size I review. I was able to fit my Macbook pro 15" snuggly into the new bag as well as an I pad vertically and all of my accessories with out a problem.

Personal Fit: 

Being 6 foot tall some bags and straps just do not feel right. There either to thin they which makes it feel like girl bag’s or to big which makes them feel like tactical range bag. The strap of the is nicely made there are also two pads on the strap which is a nice change basically one sits on the front of your shoulder and the other on the back of your should. I've never had a bad like this and it does really help disperse the weight rather then it all riding right on the top of your should like other straps.

Customer support: 

Saddleback leathers customer support was very knowledgeable and eager to help in any way. Was pleasure to speak with.

I will be following up in a few months to show how the bag brakes in and holds up (please check back)

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