Review: StealthArmor - Carbon Fiber

Review: StealthArmor - Carbon Fiber

  • Company: Stealth Armor
  • Model: Stealth armor New iPad
  • Color: Carbon Fiber Black
  • Price: $35
  • Customer support: 5/5
  • OverAll Rating: 5/5


  Packaging and care has went into every one of there packages. At first glance every thing from last years version is included, Cleaning spray, Cloth, rubber squeegee carbon fiber back as well as clear front. Debbie was kind enough to include a wood finish back as well we will include some pictures of this as well


  This product by far I love over the others because the material feels like carbon fiber braids. I believe it is some kind of braid unlike other companies which just looks like it. For me it's a big difference because it gives you more grip in your hand because of the groves in the braid.


This new version does not have separate corner pieces like there old one. I do love the idea of it being one peace however every manufacture out there has had a hard time with the corners. Most manufactures just avoid them all together. I must admit it took me a little bit of time getting the corners just right (as you can see in the installation video) I am a bit of a  perfectionist when it comes to these kind of things, I'm willing to spend more time to achieve perfection.

The cut outs where dead on around Camera, Buttons, jacks etc..

Customer support: 

Over the past 2 years I have dealt with their customer support personaly a handful of times and every time they were very friendly, respectful and eager to help in anyway.

Final thoughts:

 StealthArmor is still my favorite skin by far.With quality materials that feel right in your hand to precession cuts and of course excellent customer support this company will continue to grow.


Stealth Armor iPad3 black Carbon Fiber unboxing for full review head over to

A walk-through of installing Stealth armor carbon fiber skin on iPad 3. Check out the full walk-through over at




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