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Getting started with Apple News

Magazines are a dying breed. We have dozens of apps and subscriptions eager to take its place. Many are just clumsy and clunky and take from the experience of reading a good magazine. Apple’s News app attempts at polishing up online journalism, and while it may not be a huge leap in innovation, it is refined and a pleasure to use.


Mac Tip: Find your screen resolution, through a command line

Most Mac users will jump right to there Displays system preference panel to find their resolution. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s quick and easy, and for the most part, it’s how I find it myself. However, it does require a graphical interface and because of this it’s not very helpful for scripting or remote management through SSH connections. In these cases you may want to use a command line.


Update Java the safe way on OSX

We all know we shouldn’t click on links we don’t know, especially with so many phishing scams out there. Flash and Java updates have become one of the biggest forms of this. Many sites will prompt to update from a link. 

So be safe and ONLY update Java and flash from your system preferences and never from a random popup asking you to update.

Follow these steps to update Java

8 Things you Must Know about IOS8

iOS 8's new "Hey Siri" offers a voice activated prompt. If you're driving and your iPhone is connected to a power source, or if your iPad is charging across the room, you can shout out "Hey Siri, set a timer for 3 minutes" and Siri will do exactly that. A few minutes later, your device will beep and you'll know to take the eggs off the stove.

QuickTip: Selection to Stickie

Sticky notes have always been a useful tool in the office. Giving you the ability to leave notes anywhere you like. Often people have a tendency to forget such an app exists quietly in their OSX application folders. This little trick will breath some life back into this long forgotten app again. 

By giving you an easy way to open a new Stickie with a selection of highlighted text.