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FirstLook: Karma HotSpot with Social Bandwidth

Having the ability to create a WiFi network wherever and whenever you need it is great, but prices nows days can cost you. With most Hotspots and Phone tethering requiring expensive plans. Most people don't use up all their data every month and this is a big waist. Karma sets out to fix that with its Social Bandwidth. Karma creates a portable WiFi hotspot that anyone can connect to. For every new users that connotes to your hotspot your both rewarded with an additional 100mb's of free data. On top of this social aspect this little WiFi hot spot uses a PayAsYouGo business model that never expires. Pay for your data and use it when you want.

At&t Hotspot: Review

On March 11th (iPad2 Release Day) At&t has enabled the HotSpot Feature on their iPhone. This feature is a step up from their basic tethering which has a 2gb data and 1 connection mac. To clarify At&t still calls the HotSpot "tethering" but it is their next teir which is a 4gb tethering plan, unlike other carriers At&t caps there max connected devices to 3