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End-To-End encryption & Facebook

In a world where so much of our personal information is moving back and forth across the internet. It’s important to understand people with the right tools can eavesdrop on your conversations. We have to be diligent and hold privacy and security close to the chest on everything we do online. Encryption is key here, even if someone is able to listen to a conversation, it would sound like a foreign language to them and impossible to decipher without the right dictionary.

8 Things you Must Know about IOS8

iOS 8's new "Hey Siri" offers a voice activated prompt. If you're driving and your iPhone is connected to a power source, or if your iPad is charging across the room, you can shout out "Hey Siri, set a timer for 3 minutes" and Siri will do exactly that. A few minutes later, your device will beep and you'll know to take the eggs off the stove.