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Update Java the safe way on OSX

We all know we shouldn’t click on links we don’t know, especially with so many phishing scams out there. Flash and Java updates have become one of the biggest forms of this. Many sites will prompt to update from a link. 

So be safe and ONLY update Java and flash from your system preferences and never from a random popup asking you to update.

Follow these steps to update Java

Mac 101: Startup options

There may be a time when you need to troubleshoot a problem in OSX, a need to boot into a backup disk or launch into safe mode to diagnose a stubborn application. It's better to be ready then to get ready so keep this list of startup options on hand for the off chance you may need it.

Overview: OSX Lion

The anticipated release of Apples new Operating system named Lion will be released within a few weeks. In July you will be able to purchase OSX Lion for $29 which will give you the ability to install the new operating system right from the app store on up to 10 different machines with the same license.