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Review: iTwin Connect

iTwin Connect ensures that no one can eavesdrop upon your activities when you access the Internet from untrusted networks. Plug in one half of your iTwin and select the "Teleport Me" feature. iTwin Connect encrypts all your data and routes it through the host server of your choice. It can be either one of the iTwin dedicated servers set up in various locations for your convenience or it can be a Trusted PC to which you have attached the other half of your device.

FirstLook: Unboxing iTwin Connect

iTwin connect gives you an easy solution for keeping you files and internet private. By creating a Hardware 256-bit AES encrypted Tunnel between both USB Paired half's. In addition to the file sharing iTwin connect's hardware give you the ability to use there out bound VPN servers in US, Asia and Europe enabling you to get other region addresses for use with service like Hulu.