We’re Back

We’re Back

Those who have been with us for a while, know we kind of pack up for the summer. We here believe in taking time out for our family and friends, we use the summer months to do just that. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been testing products and coming up with new ways and ideas of helping our community. I personally see the recharge and renewed energy in myself and others around me.

With that said I’ve been working behind the scenes developing a new design for our site lifewithtech.net We are shifting away from the frills and having our content speak for itself, with a new minimalistic design.

Let run through some of the basic features of the site.



We have done away with the old home page which outlined our different kinds of content. We now let our content speak for itself. We also moved to an infinite scroll, letting you scroll through all our articles.

Get to know the icons

  • At the top of the page to your right, you have a magnifying glass, used to search through all of our articles
  • At the top of the page to your left, you can see three horizontal lines. People refer to this icon as a hamburger. This will be your main menu.

Get to know our Main Menu

When clicking on that hamburger menu it will slide open revealing two columns.

  • The first column is broken up into two parts.
    • In the top section, you will have links to different parts of site
      • Home: which is our infinite article page.
      • Categories: a way of jumping to a specific category like “Apple” or “Linux”
      • Supporters: This is where we acknowledge and thank all of our past and current supporters
      • Every Penny Counts: Is where donations can be made
      • About: Is a little info about us and what we do.
      • Fun!!: If you want to distress hit this link and have fun blowing up any article you like.
    • At the Bottom are all our social media links on the first line are Lifewithtech's. Mine can be found on the second line.
  • The second column has a twitter feed of our likes. (scrollable) Sometimes we come across tweets we think may be helpful. Still, watch for articles and or retweets on social media for any big critical information. Like security vulnerabilities or hacks etc..

Article Page

These pages are broken down into multiple parts.

  • At the very top is it's featured image along with the date it was posted
  • Then the article itself
  • Right after the article you can see the authors name “Tags” used by that article underneath it.
    • Tag's are a good way of finding more similar articles, just click one.
  • Up next are Our share icons. If you enjoyed the article and found it helpful. Chances are there are others who will feel the same way. Help someone else by sharing the article.
  • Our in article sponsored ads: This spot is managed my double click but handpicked for sponsors and rotate accordingly. For more information on becoming a sponsor [email us].
  • Comments, Honestly, it's not used as much as we would like. So as part of our move to a minimalistic design, we collapse it. By clicking “leave a comment” it will expand the Disqus section. Login with any social media logins and leave us a comment. These comments make our day we love reading everyone.
  • At the very bottom we automatically show you three more related article to the one your reading that may interest you.


Let's not forget about our footers, they hold some good information as well.

  • At the very top, we have our social media links
  • Below that we have two columns
    • Within the left column, we are promoting a Google Adsense managed by DoubleClick.
    • On the right is one of my favorite verses from the bible.
      • To me, this means "to succeed in anything you need to ask questions and seek solutions."
  • Last is another menu full of goodies
    • Starting it off is our RSS link. Copy and paste this to anyone of dozens of RSS readers out there. One of our favorites is [Feedly].
    • Author's links are where you can find all the articles from you favorite writers.
    • The Submit menu has 3 sub-menus to it. Where you can find links to submit Articles,Tips and or Products.
    • Sometimes terminology used in technology, feel like a foreign language. That's where our Glossary comes into play. We explain the different terms and lingo here used in various technologies, creating our own reference.
    • Affiliates, This is a special place of links and search boxes. If you find what we do helpful and want to support us consider ordering through some of our affiliate links. We have everything from AppStores to Amazon.
    • Terms and conditions live here, with all our legal terms and conditions. From the use of content to products and services.
Getting started with Apple News

Getting started with Apple News

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QuickTip: Hide an account in OSX