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The unofficial open source Apple Music web app | Musish

"The unofficial open source Apple Music web app. Github

Built with React and Apple's MusicKit JS while utilizing the official Apple Music API. Contains some serverless functions deployed with AWS Lambda to speed up specific functionalities."

I've been using this web app for a week now, and it's excellent and promising. Gives us hope Apple will release something soon, or at the very least pick up these developers and get a head start.

Drops: Effortless visual language learning

Over the holiday I found this little nugget. Unlike other language learning apps, this one caught my eye by gamifying learning through memory, illustrations, and fast-paced micro-games. 

If you ever wanted to learn a new language give the "Drops" app 5min a day

If you're interested in a full review, let me know in the comments.

Hello, I'm Bear

A new app called "Bear" has hit the market and picking up a lot of steam due to being featured on the AppStore. It reminds me of my daily writing app Ulysses with some differences. At first glance, it's very clean but lacks folder organization in favor of Tags which is a bit concerning for organizing large amounts of articles. The app itself has a free and pro version, the latter being a subscription. They are offering a month trial period for the pro subscription.  I intend to put Bear through the paces during that period and report back my findings.

Are you using "Bear" whats your thoughts on it? How does it compare to other writing applications and or services?