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NIMBUS - monocoque racing drone | Indiegogo

Some of you may know, my boys are into drone racing. With that comes lots of crashing and repairing. I've recently come across and keeping my eye on "NIMBUS" on Indiegogo. 

NIMBUS - monocoque racing drone Full carbon fiber monocoque body racing drone for lightweight with extreme strength and durability.

Over 27,000 MongoDB Databases Held For Ransom Within A Week | thehackernews

Are you running a MongoDB or know someone that is?  It may be time to make sure it's patched and configured correctly. Last Monday a security researcher identified nearly 200 instances of MongoDB installations that have been erased and held for ransom, asking victims to pay hefty ransoms for the data to be restored. By Tuesday, this number reached approximately 2,000 databases and by Friday this count reached 10,500.