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Whistle GPS Tracker For Dogs & Cats | Whistle Pet Tracker

Over the weekend we picked up a Whistle 3 GPS trackers for our 4month old Australian Labradoodle @meetkona . 

Our intention it to have some form of tracker on her when we begin off leash training and to have something generally on here when we are out and about. Not so much something to be on around the home as she doesn't wear a collar at home. 

Our priority was to find the smallest GPS tracker as possible. The Whistle 3 is by far the smallest dog tracker on the market. I would still have liked it to a bit smaller as Kona is only about 14lbs at four months and still seems a bit big on her. It is very light, and it's something she will grow into over time.

The software was very intuitive and clean. Some of the features of this device we will not be used to it's fullest, such as the fitness tracking stuff. Or the safe zone which notifies you when your pet leaves the areas. As I mentioned before, Kona will not be wearing it all the time, but it's still nice to have the options when away from home.
 So far the Whistle 3 works as expected. At $60 for the unit and a monthly subscription, it may not be for everyone. 

This article is not a review but just my first impressions, keep an eye open for the full review in the coming weeks.