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Quotidian Pen - The World’s First Magnetic Propulsion Pen by Quotidian — Kickstarter

Some of you may know, I love well balanced machined pens. I currently have my eye on a Magnetic propulsion pen called Quotidian. It seems to work by having a strong magnetic cap. By attaching the cap to the back of the pen the ink cartridge is propelled forward and exposes the tip for writing. 

This is a Kickstarter project with about 2 weeks left and has way passed it pledged goal of $2,842. It’s currently sitting just over $45k.

Hello, I'm Bear

A new app called "Bear" has hit the market and picking up a lot of steam due to being featured on the AppStore. It reminds me of my daily writing app Ulysses with some differences. At first glance, it's very clean but lacks folder organization in favor of Tags which is a bit concerning for organizing large amounts of articles. The app itself has a free and pro version, the latter being a subscription. They are offering a month trial period for the pro subscription.  I intend to put Bear through the paces during that period and report back my findings.

Are you using "Bear" whats your thoughts on it? How does it compare to other writing applications and or services?

Snapchat’s Spectacles go on sale via Minion-like vending machines | TechCrunch

Not too long ago Snapchat introduced their new video recording glasses (Spectacles). I nifty little product but I don't find myself running out to get them. With that said Snapchat is making a big move to get them in front of people by building pop-up vending machines that almost look like Minions to sell there "Snapchat Spectacles"

Are any of you guys interested or heading out to pick one up?

Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 | YouTube

Took my boys to see the new Doctor Strange movie over the weekend and was very supprised. I went in expecting it to be a "strange" play on the story but in fact, they did a great job telling the origin story of doctor strange. With a mix of Action, Serious and all around fun in a world where anything is possible had me looking forward to the sequel.

Spoiler: Wait after the movie ends there are two extra scenes. One before the credits and the other after.

Gfycat acquires GIF Brewery, Mac app goes free and gains new sharing features | 9to5Mac

GIF Brewery was one of my favorite macOS apps, it would let convert a movie into an animated GIF with lots of options. It wasn't the cheapest app in the world sitting at $4.99 but it was a great utility to have around.

Gfycat has recently acquired and renamed the app to "GIF Brewery by Gfycat" and is now offering it for free. Gfycat has been rapidly growing, it's short video platform has may video sharing tools which will now be integrated with the app.

*It looks as if GIF Brewery is evolving from an app to a service.*

Instapaper makes its premium features available for free | Engadget

Pinterest acquired Instapaper back in August and has just announced that it's old paid tier and special features are now free and open to everyone. Many still consider Instapaper to be the gold-standard of read it later apps. It’s a great way to keep track of articles you want to save for later or just read when offline. 

I've used Instapaper for some time and there is some great features built in for organization and research but find myself going back to Pocket allot more.

Hulu Signs 21st Century Fox, Disney to its Upcoming Live TV Streaming Service | AppAdvice

Hulu announced not too long ago that they will be offering a new Live service in early 2017. Since then they are racking up companies. 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, FOX,  ABC, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN-SEC, ESPN 3, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Fox News and Fox Business, Freeform; FX, FXX, FXM, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild. TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV, Boomerang, and Turner Classic Movies on the service.

It really does seem Hulu is making a big play for Live tv, no details on price or exact dates yet.