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First Impressions Apple AirPods

My advice, Try not to think of the Airpods are a headphones replacement but rather than an upgrade to an earbud like a Jawbone. The ease of pairing and moving across devices does make you want to take it everywhere.  As an earbud, phone calls are clear on both ends, I heard no signs of clipping and the directional mic was impressive. As for Bluetooth, I found no signal drops or noise in any of my pockets.

First Thoughts Eero

My experience so far has been positive, with speed tests over wifi hitting 160mb's and what seems like no dead spots in my 3200sqft home. I'm a happy camper even though I feel the price is sill a bit steep. It may be possible as eero matures a bit more it may grow into its price tag. As is, it's a bit steep for the average user.