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NIMBUS - monocoque racing drone | Indiegogo

Some of you may know, my boys are into drone racing. With that comes lots of crashing and repairing. I've recently come across and keeping my eye on "NIMBUS" on Indiegogo. 

NIMBUS - monocoque racing drone Full carbon fiber monocoque body racing drone for lightweight with extreme strength and durability.

FDA orders Scanadu to shut down support for its Scout device and customers are mad | TechCrunch

Wow, This startup was one I've been following since the beginning, and the direction I believe we were going in the next 5-10 years. Scanadu seems like something out of StarTrak but some day we will get there. 

It seems Scanadu did not get full approval from the Food and Drug Administration even though they have been working closely with them.
I really hope they find a way around this.

Fingbox | Indiegogo

One of my favorite network scanning tools on iOS is Fing. Today they enter the world of hardware as they blow past their Indiegogo goal by 326%.  Fing has developed a simple device aimed to secure and troubleshoot your home network. The idea is it would be able to sense anything out of the ordinary and report back. Such things as new devices on your network changes in your internet performance, or simply find out who’s home.

This is a great idea if the price is right. Most (being overly generous) upper-end routers have similar features, hover Fing always did a clean nice job. I’m excited and interested in getting my hands on one to test.  But as all things crowdsourced we never know when that is until it’s out. Fing is shooting for a June 2017 launch.

Quotidian Pen - The World’s First Magnetic Propulsion Pen by Quotidian — Kickstarter

Some of you may know, I love well balanced machined pens. I currently have my eye on a Magnetic propulsion pen called Quotidian. It seems to work by having a strong magnetic cap. By attaching the cap to the back of the pen the ink cartridge is propelled forward and exposes the tip for writing. 

This is a Kickstarter project with about 2 weeks left and has way passed it pledged goal of $2,842. It’s currently sitting just over $45k.