Quick tip and experience at Fry's Electronics Burbank

Quick tip and experience at Fry's Electronics Burbank

When buying a tv over 55 inches it is Fry’s Electronics Burbank store policy to open the box and check for damage. If they forget to, make sure you remind them. This is my experience to date.


My Experience: 01/13/2017 7:30 pm pst Fry's Electronics Burbank

On Friday night after work, I decided I wanted to purchase a TV. So I stopped by Fry's electronics in Burbank where I have been going to buy personal and business electronics for over 12 years. I have surely spent over 100k at this store. Needless to say, things went without a hitch.

They Gentleman in the TV section went very quickly I already knew I wanted Samsung 65' 8000 TV. Made it to the register, I was still in a good mood even after the new employees took 15min+ to finish my sale. The same guy from the TV department meet me at the door and helped me into the car with the TV. At this point in hindsight, I know he should have opened the box and verified there was not damage. 

I got home and my wife excited as were my boys. My wife had dinner ready and we expected to watch something on the new TV and eat dinner. 

I quickly disconnected and moved the old tv to the side in excitement.
I cut the tape on the bottom of the TV box and pulled the box up and over the TV. At this point, I began taking the styrofoam and wrapping off. I will point out there is no damage to the box nor the styrofoam at all. 

After unwrapping, I notice a huge crack on the front screen right in the center. However what's interesting, The damage is done all under the thin plastic that's applied to products to prevent scratches which are covered over the whole tv. Ultimate if the TV is dropped or damaged before or after it was put in the box it would have shown rips, tears or at the very least scuff marks. However the thin protective plastic was pristine condition. 

So I quickly called Fry's again, while on hold I continued to box the TV back and get myself ready. My wife was going to come with me this time as well, so she began to get ready herself. Took me 25min before someone answered the phone and I explained the short version of the problem and she told me just bring it in. We proceeded to pack it into the car and back to Fry's we go. Now I only live about 10 blocks from fry's so it's fairly close and this whole back and forth only to 30-45minutes. 

Once I arrived at Fry's I went in and asked the greater where I should go. She was the one first to point out the tv should have been expected before leaving. She called someone out to help bring the tv into the store.

Once in the store the gentlemen who sold me the tv happened to be around and stepped in to see what the issue is. I explained the crack in the screen and he admitted he didn't expect the tv before it left to everyone around us. From that point, he went to speak with the store's general manager. 

Between that time many other people including employees were look over at the tv starting. With a wow expiration on their face about the crack which turned into a look of confusion due to the wrapping looking so pristine. 

The gentleman came back out and expressed the procedure the general manager told him to. He explained but not totally clear so I will fast forward a bit, as I requested the general manager to come out.  He was in the middle of a call so I had to wait about another 10-15 min. 

Cesar Pxxx the store manager came out and again I explained the situation. He was very polite and managed the situation professionally but it seems his hands are tied and even as the store general manager there was not much he could do.


  1. The store would not do an exchange before Samsung ok's it.
  2. Getting a Samsung ok it could take 2 weeks
  3. They would not give me my money back
  4. I would have to take the TV back home and bring it back to exchange.

Cesar did make some offers to help:

  1. Will send an email to corporate to see if they can expedite things
  2. Send me a copy of the images that was sent up the ladder.
  3. Offered he can send someone to pick up the broken tv and deliver the new one at the same time.

I asked many questions during this process.

Q. What about the 30day return process.
A. This only counts towards undamaged products.

Q. If I would have bought the lamp right there, and got it home and it was cracked. I have in the past been able to bring things in for exchange how is this different?
A. Price point. 

On the way home my wife and I was thinking about that last response. I thought if we would have bought a laptop for $4,000 dollars and got it home to find out its screen was cracked, by they're thinking they wouldn’t exchange or give me a refund? 

How does a business run in this way? Should I have to have items with higher price points at Fry’s opened and inspected before I purchase it?


As it stands, I’ve brought home the defective tv and am waiting to hear back from Ceaser. He stated I would hear back from him oneway or another Monday. He is seeing if corporate can expedite this in some way and if not then we wait for 2 weeks with no TV and no REFUND waiting for Samsung too, ok a replacement. 

Let me know your thoughts on this below, My wife and I feel as though we were cheated. Some have told us to take it to local news or the BBB. Have any of you had similar experiences at Frys Electronics? How was it handled? Were you satisfied in the end?


I will keep these articles updated as the process continues and its outcome on how Fry’s Electronics handles this situation and how and if they make it right. 


Update 01/13/2017 8:54pm: 
Received an email from Cesar with the images that were take by employees and sent out to corporate and Samsung.

Update 01/16/2017 12:00pm: 
I have yet to hear back over the weekend from Frys. I have went ahead and submitted a complaint via the BBB and assigned a case # 53263xxx against Fry's Electronics.

Update 01/17/2017 6:00pm: 
I stopped by Frys on the way home to get an update from Cesar. It seems corporate denied any escalation of this issue and that I will have to wait for Samsung to get back to me.  Cesar clarified the process a bit more for me as well. He does not send the Concealed damage request to Samsung, instead it goes to corporate and then sent off to Samsung. Since this happened Friday night, it's not likely to get out over the weekend because corporately is closed. Seeing Monday was a holiday it likely it did not get out then either. I'm hoping it made it out on Tuesday. I also asked if there is a paper trail or any way of tracking the process he said no seeing it's between corporate and Samsung.

Update 01/23/2017 12:00pm: 
So apparently it seems like Frys told the BBB that they paid me cash when the issue happened, which is not the case. 

01/23/2017      web    bbb    receive business response : per our store mgr the transaction was converted at store. customer received cash at the store invoice # 1322xxxx fry's

Update 01/24/2017 12:40pm: 
Spoke with Cesar this morning, it seems the invoice Fry's provided to the BBB was someone else's DVD return.  Cesar shot off an email to the women who handle's the BBB stuff at Fry's corporate.  I also inquired about the status of the TV. He has yet to hear back from corporate.

We're now 11 days into this.

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Next generation of HDMI will support 8K video with HDR