Project: Whiteboard wall with IdeaPaint

Project: Whiteboard wall with IdeaPaint

Ideapaint is used to turn ordinary surfaces into dry erase boards

Prep I taped off the wall with blue masking tape and started sanding down the wall to get it as smooth as I can. After 2 days of sanding ( a-little here and there) and plastic tapes all over everything in the room to keep dust out of everything and some fans blowing out my window

Painting Painting was the easy part Ideapaint comes with everything you need. This paint only needs 1 coat and dries within an hour. So make sure you check your work while painting

There are two cans you start by mixing the cans together they have left enough room in the big can so you can pour the little one into it

Also there is a curing time of 7 days you are not allowed to use it until that time. Be patient here



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