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California bill would require ‘back door’ access to encrypted phones

People could argue even if it saves one life, it’s worth it. If you really think about how much sensitive information we store on our phones, everything from contacts, credit cards to health data. Would we all be safe if that gets out?  Were not talking about identity theft, that would be the least of the problems. How about people on witness protection, or celebrities with orders of protection to Financial records of millionaires with contact info of their children.

SwipeToMeet: How much time can it save you

We all know some time scheduling meetings can be more work than the actual meetings them selves. has been leading the way with it’s intuitive scheduling service for professionals. 

With their latest launch of SwipteToMeet app they aim to simplify scheduling for everyone. Whether it’s about business or just trying to arrange a dinner with friends, SwipeToMeet make it simple to find a suitable time for a group of people. Instead of wasting days scheduling, a suitable time can be found within minutes.

FirstLook: Sensei Wireless gaming mouse

Steelseries is a cross platform peripheral company built by gamers for gamers. They claim to have solved wireless lag and dying batteries with their Sensei Wireless gaming mouse. With an accuracy of 1ms polling rate with readings of 150 inches per second and over 8200 CPI and a new style of charging dock keep you topped off and ready for your next gaming session. Does Steelseries meet these claims? Find out inside

Mac Tip: Find your screen resolution, through a command line

Most Mac users will jump right to there Displays system preference panel to find their resolution. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s quick and easy, and for the most part, it’s how I find it myself. However, it does require a graphical interface and because of this it’s not very helpful for scripting or remote management through SSH connections. In these cases you may want to use a command line.


Update Java the safe way on OSX

We all know we shouldn’t click on links we don’t know, especially with so many phishing scams out there. Flash and Java updates have become one of the biggest forms of this. Many sites will prompt to update from a link. 

So be safe and ONLY update Java and flash from your system preferences and never from a random popup asking you to update.

Follow these steps to update Java