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Next generation of HDMI will support 8K video with HDR

CES 2017 is under way and we are hearing specifications of the new HDMI 2.1 standard. This new standard will increase link bandwidth to 48 Gbps and will enable support for up to 10K resolutions without compression, new color spaces with up to 16 bits per component, dynamic HDR, variable refresh rates for gaming applications as well as new audio formats

We’re Back

We here believe in taking time out for our family and friends and use the summer months to do just that. We’re back recharged and with renewed energy along with a new design for We are shifting away from the frills and having our content speak for itself, with a new minimalistic design.

California bill would require ‘back door’ access to encrypted phones

People could argue even if it saves one life, it’s worth it. If you really think about how much sensitive information we store on our phones, everything from contacts, credit cards to health data. Would we all be safe if that gets out?  Were not talking about identity theft, that would be the least of the problems. How about people on witness protection, or celebrities with orders of protection to Financial records of millionaires with contact info of their children.