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SwipeToMeet: How much time can it save you

We all know some time scheduling meetings can be more work than the actual meetings them selves. has been leading the way with it’s intuitive scheduling service for professionals. 

With their latest launch of SwipteToMeet app they aim to simplify scheduling for everyone. Whether it’s about business or just trying to arrange a dinner with friends, SwipeToMeet make it simple to find a suitable time for a group of people. Instead of wasting days scheduling, a suitable time can be found within minutes.

SoundWave Social Audio App

Is it just another music app or is it something more. SoundWave a social media app available for both iOS and Android platforms, pulls everything listened to into one place and allows easy searching, sharing and ultimately connecting for music fans.

iOS8: App compatibility list

Many developers will be making the rush to Yosimitie and iOS 8. But please we don’t advocate upgrading on production devices they and not ready for prime time. We are aware of the fact that some developers just don’t have access to multiple devices. So we want to help out as best as we can in choosing the right time to upgrade, by supplying information as to what apps are currently working and which just need more time. 

Tip: Get MyScript Calculator while it's free

MyScript Calculator is an awesome application so much so I can't see it staying that way forever it performs mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting. Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression on the screen then let MyScript technology perform its magic converting symbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result in real time.

Overview: Angry Birds Space Launching 3/22/12

Angry Birds Space is coming! Official launch will be March 22 supporting iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices. Were excited about the new Angry Birds edition that will literally be out of this world? Rovio has enlisted the help of the people who know outer space best, NASA, to help demonstrate the challenges players can expect in the new Angry Birds Space‘s gameplay.