First Thoughts: OSX LDP4

First Thoughts: OSX LDP4

I have been using Lion's development preview 4 for about a week now, Here are my first thoughts of Apples new OS

Right off the bat I noticed the trackpad was inverted. This made it feel a lot more like iOS. I understand why they are trying this, but I did end up in the system menu changing it back. (Uncheck "Scroll with finger direction" to get back the original behavior)

Finder sidebar: is now color less people will find it a bit hard to find things, Also you can not move the categories around ie Devices is now at the bottom and can not move it back to the top.

Gestures: On my MacBookPro they all worked flawlessly however on my MacPro using MagicMouse the 4 finger gestures did not work for me but there is an option to change them to 3 finger once that was done everything worked fine.

Mission Control: I am a big fan of spaces being a guy who multitasks to no ends I am glade to see them adding some more control over spaces which is basically what mission control is spaces with more control, options and gestures. I love this works really smooth

LaunchPad: This is a nice added feature, I normally have lots of icons and folders in my launch bar we will see if this free's things up. In the dev package there is no way to remove apps from the launchpad so can't get to much of a feel for it seeing that every app you have is loaded on there. I need to orginize  it a bit more to get a better feel. Also folders in LaunchPad are limited to 32 which sounds like a lot but if your keeping everything in there might be nice to have a sideways scroll so you can fit more in each folder.

Mail: Hands down a great upgrade, This app has been totally redone its taken a bit to get used to. It seems to be changing the way I view my mail to take advantage of new features like conversational email views.

Address Book: They have redesigned the address book. It now looks more like an open book. I am not to sure if I am sold on this yet

iCal: had a nice facelift prettier looking and all the features you expect are there..

AutoUpdate and versions: Seem to be working well with out any intervention at all this is a nice add (I'm curious to see how much drive space this eats up over time, they say it doesn't do full backups of documents just the changes more like incremental backups)

Safari: Has some nice features like fullscreen, I have always been a firefox guy but have been giving it a try this week and its way fast now that the have there own Gallery of Safari extensions. Becoming a safari dev is free hopefully we will see more people developing extentions for safari its the only thing missing I would make the move  if more of my favorite extensions are there.(1password, adblock and firebug light  have extensions for safari)

Software  that needed Updates to work.

  • Apple Remote desktop (there is a working dev version)
  • Little Snitch (there is a working beta)

Keep in mind this is beta and any or all of this can change over night...

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Install: OSX Lion Development preview 4

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