Review: Jaybird Freedom JF3

Review: Jaybird Freedom JF3

What's Included:

  • JayBird Freedom Earbud Headphones

  • 6 sets of earbuds

  • USB cable

  • Carrying case

  • JayBird stickers

  • Owner's manual

Product Features:

  • Earbud design: Directs sound into your ear for extended frequency response and deep bass. GeckoGrip ear tips ensure a snug fit and offer long-term use.

  • Neodymium magnet: For sound reinforcement.

  • 8mm drivers: Deliver powerful audio.

  • 6 sizes of earbuds: Provide diverse fitting options.

  • Tangle-free flat cord: For workouts or sporting events.

  • Bluetooth-ready: To integrate with your mobile device for hands-free operation.

  • Magnet-sealed hard shell carrying case: Protects your headphones from the outside elements.

  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response: For reliable audio reproduction.

  • 114dB sensitivity: For powerful sound.

  • 32 ohms impedance: To efficiently conduct power.


First Thoughts: The Jaybird Freedom JF3 is packaged very nicely in a magnetic closing cardboard box. Opening it reviled a well designed headset along with a nice looking carrying case, The case is held closed with a light magnet and hinge the case does not use any springs. Inside the case there were 3 sizes of SecGeckoGrip ear pecies as well as 2 sizes of normal ear peaices along with another on the headset. There is also a black foot long USB 2.0 to mini 8pin cable included.


The headset is made of Black Shiny hard plastic connected with a rubber flat wire, buttons are made of hard rubber plastic


The headset is designed to wrap around the back of your head. The wire seems to be the perfect length for me not to long and not to short. As for the ear pieces I have tried all of them for me the large SecGeckoGrip work the best they stay in very well do not feel like they will fall out at all.

Setup and Controls:

Paring the Jaybird Freedom JF3 was fairly easy just hold main button down until you see flashing colors lights. The iPad2 paired with out having to type the 0000 code in. As for the volume buttons note you need to keep pressing the button for the volume to go up and down ie holding the button down with give you a different function. I think the buttons could be improved on a bit the response time felt long I kept feeling like I was pressing the button a million times before I got to the volume I wanted. Needless to say I didn't have to press it that much it was just me being impatient thinking it would help.


As with any bluetooth headset Range and signal dropping is the main reason of getting a good one. Bluetooth has always been good with line of sight however it's signal does not go through things say as good as wifi. In 95%+ of bluetooth headphone's putting your device in you backpocket will cause signals drops since the signal has to pass through your body. Bluetooth does bounce around off walls and anything around so testing in a small room is not a good thing most likely you will not see any signal dropping. I Paired the headset with my Iphone4 and went to the park down the block. In my testing line of sight range was great, however putting my Iphone in my back jean pockets (tested both sides) produced a stutter in sound about ever 5 seconds. Placing the iphone4 in my front pocket I still saw a stutter but more like every 10 seconds. Being over 6 foot makes it hard to use a bluetooth device in your pocket.  As far as bluetooth goes this device is better then some but still on pare with most good headsets

Sound Quality:

Sound quality was very good there was no clipping or distortion at all. I could see some people saying it is not loud but as with all bluetooth's volume is limited a bit for me it is loud enough even with noise when out side.

Final thoughts:

I would recommend this product to other people and especially for anyone looking for a headset while they are working out or doing sports makes the lifetime sweat resistant warrantee a must. They fit very well and as advertised they stay in place. Price is competitive as $99. I like how they fit as well as how they sit around my neck when not in use.  I would like to see the buttons more responsive, also making a docking station accessorie for the product would be awesome as well. Any my hope still is that one day bluetooth will be better at going though things.  


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