Vaja Iphone 4 Case Review 2

Vaja Iphone 4 Case Review 2

Received my new Vaja Case today 4 days early. I must say i love the this color better than the black ed. I was skeptical since the site showed the white inside as very bright white in fact it turned out to be more of a natural cream white with a brown tone to it.

This case was a limited edition with immediate ship when i ordered last week, They come in 3 versions

  • Mammut
  • Brown/white
  • Black and lime Green

All and all the case is more or less the same however there is one thing different. The cut out for the camera is the same size but the leather is thicker bulges out a bit also a there is black leather strip across the edge

Crontab Monitor On-Off setup

Crontab Monitor On-Off setup by LogMeIn by LogMeIn