Review: adonit Jot Touch stylus

Review: adonit Jot Touch stylus

  • Company: adonit
  • Color: Gun Metal
  • Size:5.6 x 0.9 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
  • Website:


adonit Jot Touch is one of the first companies to pave the way for a new generation of stylus, by blending Bluetooth technology and traditional stylus a new pressure sensitive stylus emerges.

First Thoughts:

Packaging is done very nicely. I like how the panflits are done on the back. At first glance the stylus reminds me of there pro version very sturdy and well put together. The usb magnetic charging base was a nice idea and executed nicely. I was able to get the device paired and working with out glancing at any instructions this is always a plus. The stylus came with a charge which is nice so you can dive right in by paring it with your iOS device. You can put it into pairing mode by holding the Power button until the light flash (power button is between the two plastic buttons). The I went ahead with the pairing on my iPad mini by going to Settings > Bluetooth, click on Jot Touch when it pop-up enter 0000 as your PIN and you good to go. Put the Jot Touch in


The main feature of the Adonit Jot Touch is definitely the Pressure Sensitivity that the stylus brings. The stylus reacts to the amount of pressures you put when you draw/sketch, making it more natural to draw and obviously, save you plenty of time without having to switch between different stroke types.

  • Aluminum construction
  • Bluetooth
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Capacitive plastic disk tip
  • 2 configurable buttons
  • Small USB magnetic charging dock
  • Replaceable tips
  • Replaceable disks
  • Protective Cap


 My first round of testing was done with apps I currently use 

(NoteShelf, Procreate and Sketchbook pro)


Has always been my goto handwriting app for note taking. I was pleasantly suppressed to see full support for Jot Touch along with the ability to configure it's buttons.



I have to admit I've been a big sketchbook pro user, however procreate has always been a good backup. That being said the Jot Touch works seamlessly with Procreate. The buttons on the Jot Touch do work however they are hard coded to Redo and Undo. I do wish Procreate would have included the option to change the action's associated with the buttons like NoteShelf.

Sketchbook Pro:

Has been my goto app for sketching for a good year. One of the key features for this is it's GUI I love how things are layer out like being able to assign pre-set brushes. This makes having to go into the menus a lot less. Now  

Final Thoughts:

 (after a week of use)

The Jot Touch is a huge step in the right direction from it's solid construction to it's API for development it's safe to say this product can explode if picked up by main stream developers. It's built-in pressure sensitive indeed improves productivity and contributes to creativity. The ability for developers to utilized the shortcut buttons with action such as "Undo" will for sure save you steps and time. The price point at $99 dollars seems a bit steep seeing you can buy 3 Jot Pro's for that price makes this hard to justify for the average joe. I feel if the price point was about $60 they would sell as hot cakes. If there were tons of apps out here maybe you can justify the hundred dollar price point. That being said I'm not an artist nor am I in student but I purchased one and love it. I also wanted to support the company and technology in hopes to see future generations.


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