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FirstLook: R0DE - iXY iPhone Microphone

The RØDE iXY is the ultimate recording microphone for iPhone, iPad. With up to 24-bit/96k recording and on-board high-fidelity A/D conversion, your iXY recordings are rich, smooth and accurate. At the heart of the iXY is a matched pair of ½" cardioid condenser capsules, fixed in a perfect 90 degree ‘near-coincident’ alignment. This results in immersive and true-to-life stereo recordings, captured in incredibly high detail. The iXY is supplied with a foam windshield for outdoor recording as well as a reinforced protective zip case to ensure your iXY is available whenever you need it.

Review: Jadu Skadoosh Mini stand

Skadoosh Mini is an innovative stand that combines adjustability, portability, stability and good looks. A simple push-button lock holds your iPad Mini at just about any angle. Made from a solid piece of aluminum, machined by CNC this is a solid stand built to last.

Prepairing a Used iPad for Sale

With the new iPad 2 coming in a few days, there are going to be a lot of used first generation iPads for sale. There are a few options to go with personally I went with Gazelle since they give you a locked in price for 30 days but people are getting some good money though Ebay and Craigslist as well. Lets get into how to prepare an iPad for sale. .

Tip: iPad Space bar

The space bar on the iPad Keyboard is really unique. It recognizes the number of touches and acts accordingly. If you tap the keyboard with one finger a normal space would be produced. tapping with two fingers would result in a larger space. Similarly tapping with three, four and five fingers would produce larger spaces