Review: iTwin Connect

Review: iTwin Connect

  • Company: iTwin
  • Model: Connect
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 3.5 x 0.8 x 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Price: $129.00
  • Website: iTwin Connect


iTwin Connect ensures that no one can eavesdrop upon your activities when you access the Internet from untrusted networks. Plug in one half of your iTwin and select the "Teleport Me" feature. iTwin Connect encrypts all your data and routes it through the host server of your choice. It can be either one of the iTwin dedicated servers set up in various locations for your convenience or it can be a Trusted PC to which you have attached the other half of your device.

Any network sniffing or intelligent proxy servers in your location will be unable to decipher the data or ascertain anything about your browsing activities.


First Thoughts:

The thought of an easy hardware encrypted Plug-N-Play VPN Tunnel has always been on my wish list. iTwin managed to produce just that so need less to say we were very excited to one for review.

Packaging leave's a-little to be desired but gets the job done. Personally I would rather save some money on packaging and make a better product.

The iTwin connect feels well built in hand with it's aluminum brushed casing. I will admit I was a bit worried about the way the iTwin connects to each other. From the pictures it seemed they held together magnetically or something. At first I thought that could be cool but after some more thinking I figured it could be more of a pain. It's NOT held together magnetically at all. The iTwin connecters are built with good tolerance's allowing for a very tight fit. By NO means does it feel like it will fall however it does take a bit of force to pull apart.


  • Access geo-restricted sites and services
  • Easy to setup personal VPN tunnel
  • Browse Securely
  • Hardware grade security and two facto authentication
  • No monthly subscription

Final Thoughts: (after  3days of use)

The iTwin Connect lives up to it's mission, by giving people an easy way of creating a secure tunnel. I found this device very easy to use and setup on Windows. The iTwin software checks online and installs there more current software version.This software is very straight forward and put together nicely. It would of been nice to launch with Mac support as well. From what I've been told their looking at a June launch. This to me is a missed opportunity seeing how many people are using Mac's on the go. I do worry a bit about the need for iTwin's servers to make your connections. Even making a connection between both half's there is still the need to communicate  with an iTwin server. Which for me raises other questions about server security procedures as well as the viability of this hardware if iTwin closes down or sells to another company. Now don't get me wrong there are some benefits of having a server in the middle. For example the ability to Disable your iTwin in the event one is lost or stolen.

Disappointments: (small nit-picking)

  • Released without Mac Support (coming in June)
  • Need more Exit VPN server (suggestions)
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada

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FirstLook: Unboxing iTwin Connect

FirstLook: Unboxing iTwin Connect