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iPad2: Review

Arived at the Apple Store - Shearman Oaks, CA at 1:30pm March 11th I was about 55 inline. The iPad2 was set to go on same at 5pm. Lines were very long close to what it looked like for the iPhone4 release. At 5pm Apple reps came out and made a show of force run around the mall giving high fives to people in lines. A little bit after that reps walked around handed out tickets to people in line and those that did not get a ticket did not have a guarantee for an iPad and went home. The ticket did not guarantee you would get the iPad2 you wanted just that one would be available.By the time the we hit 3o's in line all the  At&t iPad2's were sold out. By the time I got to the door all some of the Verizon iPads sold out as well. Needless to say I walked away with what I wanted a black 32gb wi-fi version and a black leather smart cover. Side note there was plenty of Smartcases's still available. Unpacking and first impressions.