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Review: iTwin Connect

iTwin Connect ensures that no one can eavesdrop upon your activities when you access the Internet from untrusted networks. Plug in one half of your iTwin and select the "Teleport Me" feature. iTwin Connect encrypts all your data and routes it through the host server of your choice. It can be either one of the iTwin dedicated servers set up in various locations for your convenience or it can be a Trusted PC to which you have attached the other half of your device.

VPN Protocols: Introduction and Security

Protecting your personal information is not the only concern one should have. Their are many other threats out their like viruses, malwares, trojans, spam etc, which will infiltrate your computer system if you are not careful. There are also dishonest people who hack and phish your information when your online. Protecting your online identity is so important that it becomes a job of its own.

Apple to Issue Update to Remove "MacDefender" Malware

Apple has posted a Knowledge Base article that addresses the recent MacDefender malware issue and also stated they will be addressing it with in the next few days with a software update. Apple describes "MacDefender" as a recent phishing scam that has targeted Mac users by redirecting them from legitimate websites to fake sites which tell them that their computer is infected with a virus. The user is then offered Mac Defender "anti-virus" software to solve the issue.

Facebook: HTTPS Support

Those who are concerned about online security probably know that it was possible to access Facebook via HTTPS for quite some time now, for example using the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox add-on, but some of Facebook’s features, for example chat and photo uploads, did not work properly over HTTPS.

Mac app store hacked, how developers can better protect themselves « Craftymind

Mac app store hacked, how developers can better protect themselves Crude instructions have started showing up online with ways to circumvent Apples Mac App store receipt validation. By simply copying receipt and info.plist data from a free app and pasting it into a paid app, you can run apps copied from friends computers or bittorrent. I myself have a copy of a paid app (not angry birds, but one with stronger protection) running on my system that was purchased by a friend. This is a massive failure in the implementation of Apples receipt system.