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Install: Ubuntu, Node.js, Git and Ghost

Their seems to be a bit of confusion amongst the Ghost community on how to install Ghosts first weekly update. I am not a developer or part of the Ghost team however I have backed Ghost as a VIP. I figured I could shed some light on how to go about this install. This walk through is intend for other Ghost VIP or higher backers. I will walk through the installation of a Ubuntu server 13.04 server as well as Node.js and Ghost and other recommended and suggested packages.

Tip: Ask Siri for a Spotify Artist link

Let's say your driving listening to Spotify and all of a sudden you have a sudden desire to listen to a specific artist. This might not be the perfect solution but a nice option until some real integration is available. Spotify has a not so secret phone number which has an automatically response to a text with a Spotify link.

VPN Protocols: Introduction and Security

Protecting your personal information is not the only concern one should have. Their are many other threats out their like viruses, malwares, trojans, spam etc, which will infiltrate your computer system if you are not careful. There are also dishonest people who hack and phish your information when your online. Protecting your online identity is so important that it becomes a job of its own.